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Today’s adolescent are going to be tomorrow’s workforce, leaders, parents and teachers. Invariably in India, many young people find it difficult to face the complexities of the dynamic, economic, and cultural environment, young people lack appropriate information on their growth issues .This results in young people to experiment and become victims of drugs and STI/HIV infections etc. To avoid we develop PRATIBIMB- Life Skills Education training Program for Adolescent.  The program aimed to holistic development and empowerment of the adolescent through a participatory method .The main aim is to enable adolescent to gain insight and encourage them to express their thoughts and provide guidance for appropriate behavior modification. Through PRATIBIMB we are serving …Platform for youth where they can openly discuss on any related issue, to build their capacity so they can mug any tricky circumstances, To sensitize youth on GENDER issues, Provide scientific information on communication skills, Goal orientation, love and affection, Reproductive Health, sex and sexuality, HIV/AIDS and career guidance To aware them about their own rights and, To make them accountable for look after others rights

Swami Vivekanand School
Swami Vivekanand School
Saint Anns School
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