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Mi Shakti - Girls Leadership Program:  The patriarchal system denies women the right to live with dignity in society. We still see women in disadvantaged societies at the lowest levels due to caste and gender discrimination where they are far from any human rights. The patriarchal society confines women to the home deny them the opportunity to experience life outside and enslave them in social life. Deprived of her education, she lacks both the sense of injustice and mobilization needed to fight it. Lacking mobilization has endured injustice on her for thousands of years,

This program helps girls to understand their issues and gives them skills and knowledge so that they can eradicate their problems. and convince them of the importance of girls' organizations so that they can raise their voices and achieve their rights.

Inspired by the program, many girls are not only overcoming their local issues but also they are taking a step forward to create a gender-equitable world through advocacy on many issues such as child marriage, lack of menstrual hygiene at school, and lack of public transportation facilities for girls to complete education. 

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