Prerana community center

Prerana community center provide various opportunity to the marginalized children to develop their understanding and confidence

Menstruation Health and Hygiene Awareness program

Menstrual hygiene awareness program for the adolescent girls helped them to develop their scientific information about the issue and reduced misconceptions. We are thankful to school principle Mr. Jadhav who provided us such a wonderful opportunity to interact with girls on the issue. Girls raised so many concerns about facing difficulties while disposing sanitary pad. They also showed willingness to participate in the movement of making positive changes in the society about menstruation.

Parents participation

Sensitization of marginalized children and parents on importance of education. One to one communication helped to understand their difficulties for continue education, Prerana teachers provide support to the needy.


Regular practice of gymnastics developed confidence of children associated with Work for Equality org. Under the project Prerana Rainbow home

Life Skill Training Program

Life skill training program for the children associated with work for equality organization. It helped a lot to the children to developed their understanding about their likes. We are grateful to Kirloskar Oil Engines Ltd. Who has supported the program. Thank you our friend Sabina and Ashok who has facilitated the program and had done deep interaction with staff to understand their concerns about the children.


WASH - initiative -sensitization among children regarding balance uses of mobile and motivated them to increase their participation in creative activities which help them to improve their physical and mental abilities.

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