Reaching to the Unreached

Volunteer Soham and Dr. Urjita visited our community center and residential home to understand issues related to Marginalized Community Children. It was great meeting with them.

Career Guidance for Marginalized Youth

Career Guidance Session for Marginalized Community youth associated with Work for Equality. The session focused on web designing course and job opportunities. The session facilitated by Pratham organization representative Mr. Rohit Chavan.

Achievement of Work for Equality

Chandukaka Saraf CSR initiative " मी आहे आद्या" felicitated Work for Equality Organization by Mr. Siddharth Shah for the contribution towards girls and women development.

Right to Education

धीरे धीरे यहाँ का मोसम बदलने लगा हैं! Slowly community environment is positively changing for the education of children. The parents who were least bother about children education are now asking education support for their children.

Right to Education for All

Congratulations Dear KAJAL for your Success 💐💐. You are Inspiration and Ideal for not only our home's girls but also the girls of your own community. You are first generation who broke the social norms and open the new doors for other girls of your community. All the best for your future. 💃💃

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